Our Aim

"The lack of knowledge of Australian borrowers is a case in point of mortgage brokers being a useful resource for information, tips and a broader view of the mortgage maze than just one lender can provide. Whether you are looking to borrow for your first home, an investment or commercial property, or business dealings E-M-@-I-Loans can help."

As experienced consultants, we are able to provide the best up-to-date information to allow you, the client to make the best informed and most viable of investment decisions. We source over 300 products offered by a panel of 20 of Australia’s leading lending institutions

Our aim is to provide a smooth and simple process from initial enquiry to settlement and beyond. Our aim is to assist clients to gain greater control of their financial future...

We are committed to genuine service, by understanding client’s needs and providing the most cost effective solutions to their borrowing requirements.

We want you to consider our partnership service for every financial encounter for life