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Home Loans

Whether you're a 1st home buyer seeking a simple and affordable home loan, an established home owner considering a home equity loan for the purchase of an investment property or someone who is retired and ( in modern parlance ) "asset rich and cash poor" looking to improve their lifestyle with an equity release, we can easily and efficiently guide you through the rather involved process of establishing a loan from selection through to settlement.


Commercial Loans may be used to purchase a business, business expansion or for the purchase of plant & equipment.  Loans are usually taken out from 1 - 25 years with the choice of Fixed or Variable Interest Rates.  Available is a Low Doc Commercial Loan which can be useful if potential borrowers canot provide the necessary financials.

Chattel mortgage

We cater for business people seeking to purchase vehicles or other equipment utilising a chattel mortgage.

Novated Lease

We also cater for employers who want offer a car as part of a salary package by way of a novated lease with the potential taxation benefits and flexibility that a novated lease can provide.


Being a Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) full member and with access to most major lenders, E-M-@-I-Loans can objectively offer a wide choice of loans and hence an optimum solution tailored especially for you. The MFAA code of practise is quite strict and ensures the honesty and integrity of it's members.
There is an excellent help for consumers page on the MFAA website.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Much of the loan application process can be completed at times to suit you and in the comfort of your own home. You will find this particularly appealing when you are considering the many factors involved in selecting the best options for your particular situation.
With all required personal information* close at hand giving the added assurance of complete confidentiality and privacy.

*if you're unsure what information is required, check with us when you arrange an appointment.